Monday, July 20, 2009

I create!

My creativity is something I cherish but largely ignore. Some would say that my work at home can show my creativity - I suppose you could say that but I won't! Laundry & dishes & meals & clutter - I am good at creating all those things and even occasionally dealing with them, but they certainly don't nurture my creative side. However, tonight I sat down and created something in my studio with my own hands. I deciphered a pattern, measured, cut, inked, stitched, removed stitches, restitched, and admired. My project is not perfect and needed a bit of an overhaul - sort of like my life. Now I will go to bed happy that I am taking a step in a direction I sometimes think I don't have time for but so yearn to go. Not toward perfection, but toward an overhaul.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to Studio j

After a 3 year hiatus from my brief stint as a blogger I have located my Blogger account and resurrected my password (it only took me 3 months to remember it). I am a contributor to 3 different blogs - Reisig Family Blog (creative name, I know), Scottsbluff MOPS (created by someone else and long forgotten by myself), and my latest incarnation, Studio j, which I intend to be a creative mélange of myself - literary, artistic, culinary, spiritual, etc. I am excited to get back to writing more than just a monthly article for the MOPS newsletter (which I probably should have been posting to that MOPS blog) and eager to explore my creative side which seems to get pushed back to make way for the busyness.
I am realizing that much has changed in the blogging world over the past 3 years - I loathe the canned templates, but lack the skills to do anything else for the moment, and the whole notion that one can make money with a blog makes me wish I'd hung in there a little longer back in 2006! But I'm back now and will begin working on my first creative assignment - to make my blog me! Welcome!

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