Thursday, August 4, 2011


Not in a "house divided against itself" way, or in the mathematical way my middle schooler feels a worthless endeavor meant only for her torture. Division of my blog. I will now be dedicating Studio j to my creative endeavors. I will blog about home improvement & decor as well as my sewing and other crafting projects. I want to get my Etsy shop (which has been open and empty since December) up and running, and I'll blog about those products and projects here. Blog posts of a more personal nature about parenting, spiritual discussions, my Africa trip, struggles, etc, will be posted to the blog I share with Scott. It's a family blog we started more than 5 years ago and then ignored. I have moved all previous posts of a more personal nature over to that blog. I would love it if you would follow both blogs. Occasionally I might publish one post to both (the My Mansion post for example), but mostly they will be separate. For now the personal blog is simply called "Reisig Family" as it has been since 2006, but it will soon have a new name (at the same address). Thanks for following both sides of me, and I love it when you occasionally comment also!

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